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Earn up to $1.1 per unique install by monetizing your websites with installs. Just start converting your installs into dollars.


With our custom installer, publishers can achieve unparalleled conversion rates, setting a new standard in the market.


Our installer strictly adheres to Google guidelines by partnering only with reputable advertisers, ensuring seamless operations and zero blockages.


Sites integrating our installer are safeguarded from any potential penalties by search networks or browsers, guaranteeing a worry-free experience.

About US

What is InstallMedia?

InstallMedia assists you on every webpage, offering Download button codes, Mega Links, Mediafire Links, and Direct Links for your websites. This allows you to choose your desired content and earn the highest revenue through unique installs. Unlike other platforms, InstallMedia doesn’t rely on earning dashboards; instead, it provides sepreate earning dashboards directly, ensuring transparency in your income tracking. With competitive rates and real-time dashboard stats, why wait? Click the “Contact Us” button below to connect with our manager. Thank you for reading wholeheartedly.

How To Start Earning

Below are a few things written to start earning. Follow them and start earning.


In the pay per install market, we offer the highest rates for global traffic.


Download button codes are specifically tailored for your downloadable websites such as games, software, torrents, etc. We provide you with the precise download button code so you can seamlessly integrate it into your website using an ad code plugin, ensuring hassle-free monetization and revenue generation.


Our payment terms are straightforward: as soon as your earnings reach $50, you can withdraw your payment to the account specified at the time of agreement. We offer various payment methods, including Payoneer, BTC, and USDT (TRC 20), all of which are globally recognized and always available for your convenience.


Direct link, mega link, and mediafire link means that we provide you direct file installation links that you can install on every website or any place you want to promote and from there you can make us unique. Generate your highest revenue.


If there’s a direct advertiser who wants to promote their files and claims to offer the highest rates, they should visit our contact link. There, they’ll find various options to get in touch, where they can provide details of their setup. We’ll then attach their files to our setup to maintain trust between both parties. They’ll need to provide us with keys, personal information, etc., before we proceed with the deal.


We don’t just claim to offer the highest rates to our publishers; we actually provide the highest rates along with the latest and separate earning dashboards. We prioritize safety, which is why we provide separate earning dashboards to protect both you and us from hackers. We offer installs-based and eCPM-based offers according to your preference. When you’re getting good rates and full safety, what are you waiting for? Click the contact button now to get in touch. It’s best to reach us via Skype, but if you don’t have Skype, you can contact us via email or the contact form. Thanks for reading.

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